Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grand Canyon Adventure...

She's only been ridden twice this year...then we decided to take her to Grand Canyon with us.  She did great and made some good strides in training...nothing like training on the job. Thankful that Wildbound was with us.  She and Cowboy Bob each rode her. Kachina did super, even barefoot.  Luckily the trails weren't terribly rocky.  We were able to get her a used saddle that fits her reasonably well.  It was purchased sight unseen and shipped from Texas, arriving 3 days before we left.  Thank goodness, we trust in the saddles of Dave Genadek.

(As usual, click on a photo to open an enlarged image.)

She gets lunch snack, too.  Check out those nasty thorny locusts in the foreground.  We had to be on attack alert, lest they nab us.

Now, this is the kind of trails we're talkin' about!  Soft...

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